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Catalyst Mind Center is a place where we believe and encourage in thinking outside the box.

Quest Talented Youth programs are for bright and curious children, where they can get together with their peers and learn beyond their daily learning, explore more in depth the topics of their interest, and accelerate their learning in fun and exciting methods. Our center nurtures a development-oriented attitude by providing interactive, projects-based, and stimulating learning experiences.

about the program

Our talented and advanced youth programs, where we believe that just like the sky has no limits – learning should not have limits. Our group classes are based on child-led interest programs. Grouped by learning achievements and goals, they are small classes with a maximum of 5 to 6 individuals in each – just enough to enable constructive and active learning chances for all learners while allowing each learner to participate and take an active role in their learning.


Admission to Children’s Quest programs is based on a brief interview with both the child and parents.

Through our interview process, we assess your child’s ability to work collaboratively with others in their group, their enthusiasm for learning, and their passion and aptitude for teamwork.

Important Points to be considered:

  • Please note that due to the small class sizes and limited resources, we regret to inform you that our staff are not equipped to support severe behavioural needs nor tolerate any kind of bullying at our center.
  • Quest Gifted & Talented Youth programs for ages 9 to 12 or 13 to 15.
  • The start of the classes is based on the number of registered individuals for each program

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Our Quest Group programs are exploration in areas of:

Quest STEM

Welcome to Catalyst Mind Center, where we’re dedicated to sparking curiosity through innovative Inquiry-based STEM learning programs! Embark on a thrilling exploration of science with our dynamic offerings, spanning Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Dive deep into the realm of technology with immersive experiences in Robotics, VEX, and 3D Printing. 
Join us on an exciting journey of discovery and learning. Contact us to find out more about our engaging programs and to find out which of the programs are currently open for registration.

Quest ARTS

Step into our transformative youth art therapy class, where creativity becomes an empowering journey, where through painting, drawing, and sculpting, it enables participants to express their emotions, boost their self-esteem, build resilience, reduce stress and foster connections in a community team-based supporting environment who share similar interests. Our sessions offer a safe space for self-expression, allowing youth to explore their inner artist and discover the profound benefits of creative exploration. Join us to harness the power of art in nurturing minds, bodies, and spirits.

Shahin’s Bookclub

Shahin’s book club is a social, interactive learner-led classroom. This group class is named after the young Author Shahin Sadath, who published the book Adventures of EZZA the Rover in Space, due to his passion and support for reading and educating others. The purpose of Shahin’s book club is to enhance our children’s passion for reading, comprehension, and critical thinking. By participating in this weekly book club, members can discuss various chosen topics that they are passionate about and share them with like-minded peers with similar interests, and in turn, gain a deeper understanding of the book they are reading and the topics of their discussions.

This kind of collaborative approach to reading also helps children to build up their communication and interpersonal skills, which can be valuable both in and outside of the classroom. Additionally, our book club is a great way to encourage learners to read more frequently and diversely, which can have many positive effects on their overall academic performance and self-confidence.

This group is prevalent, and spaces are limited. Registration is based on space availability.

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