Creative thinking, or the ability to generate unique, original ideas while finding solutions for problems we may face, is a crucial skill for success in any field in today’s rapidly evolving world. Therefore, we foster a culture of innovation at our center, where learners are encouraged to think outside the box and explore new ideas while following their passion. Our programs include a variety of activities that boost creativity, such as our art classes, reading and writing workshops, and design teamwork projects.

Inquiry-Based Learning

We encourage learners
to question, explore, and dive deep into
their interests.

Collaborative Project-Based Learning

Through teamwork, we nurture
critical thinking and problem-solving

Celebrate Curiosity

We believe curiosity is
the catalyst for growth and

Resources Galore

We provide all the necessary tools
and support to challenge and
expand young minds.

Fostering dual growth

We encourage self-challenge in
education and emotions simultaneously while
offering support in for achieving inner
harmony and balance in every aspect
of one’s life, which needs to start at a
young age.

Program Opportunities

Enrolment Process

Complete Enrolment Form

New interested clients are invited to fill out an enrolment form, and parent agreement. These documents outline the responsibilities of learners, parents, and educators while collecting essential information for successful program placement.


After we receive the full enrolment forms, our dedicated admission team will reach out to discuss and arrange the interview date. This step allows us to understand your child's interests, strengths, challenges, and address any questions you may have.

Confirmation & Payment

Enrolment will be based on the interview results, as well as the availability of space in our small group classes.
Please note that our classes are intentionally small to ensure personalized attention and a high-quality learning

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